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The Human Anatomy game focuses on exploration of the human body by demonstrating a variety of movements such as crawling, running, and walking. Lesson plans dive deep into atoms, cells, tissues, organs and body structures as the player interacts with the different parts of the human anatomy. Mini challenges / short games can be accompanied by lesson plans. For example, we have a challenge called “Keep the Body Alive” where the player has to give the human body particular substances it needs to survive. For instance, if the body is dehydrated, the students will have an in-depth illustration of what happens internally when the body becomes dehydrated and which organs are affected during the process.





A fun science learning game for kids!

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Immerse yourself in the wonders of the human body with our VR Human Anatomy game, designed for ages 13 and up.

Human Anatomy - Learning games
Human Anatomy - Educational games

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Through interactive exploration, players can learn about the inner workings of the human body, from the smallest atoms and cells to the complex systems of organs and structures.

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Human anatomy also offers mini challenges and short games that reinforce key concepts and make learning fun.

Human Anatomy - Android

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Learning games can be a highly effective and engaging way for students to improve their skills. This game that is specifically designed to target the following skills:


By making decisions within learning games, students can develop their ability to analyze information, weigh options, and make sound choices.

Logical reasoning

Thinking systematically and drawing conclusions based on a set of given facts or principles helps students develop their problem-solving skills and make sound decisions.

Science knowledge

Includes a range of scientific concepts and principles, which help students develop an understanding of the natural world and the scientific method.

Critical thinking

The process of analyzing information and evaluating ideas, which helps students develop their problem-solving skills and make informed decisions based on evidence and logical reasoning.

Main features of the game

This educational game for children and teenagers from Alter Learning stands out for the following features that make it special:

VR and AR components

Create immersive experiences that make learning more engaging and memorable.

Curriculum-aligned content

Ensures that learning games follow educational standards and cover key concepts and skills.

Human Anatomy - Mobile

Interactive simulations

Provide hands-on experiences that help students understand complex concepts.

Real-time feedback

Allows students to receive immediate feedback on their progress, correcting mistakes and reinforcing knowledge.

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Minimum system requirements


  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or higher, with x64 bit architecture preferred. Some projects may be compatible with x32 architecture.
  • Graphics: A graphics card that supports DirectX10 or higher, Modern Vulkan, or WebGL in browser. A minimum of 512MB of memory is required, although higher capacity is preferred for better performance.
  • System Memory: A minimum of 2GB to 4GB+ is recommended.


  • We recommend Android 12.0+ or Apple iOS 15.2+ for optimal compatibility. Some projects may be compatible with older versions of Android or iOS. In some cases, WebGL may also be supported.
  • CPU: ARMv7+ or ARM64.
  • Graphics: OpenGL ES 2.0+ or Vulkan.
  • Memory: A minimum of 1GB of memory is required, although higher capacity is preferred for better performance. Additionally, the device must meet Google’s Compatibility requirements.

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Game compatibility devices


Avaliable for iOS, Ipad and iPhone.


Avaliable for version 12, 13 and 14.


Avaliable for version 10, 11 and 12.