UI/UX artists

Artists for hyper casuals and our in-house titles. Must have at least 2+ years experience.

Hard skills

  • Strong skill in making appealing logos, UI buttons and UI flows from rough concept to wireframes/comps to final vector graphics.
  • Deep understanding of what helps create a great user experience
  • Understanding of mood and color theory

Soft skills

  • Professional working level English is a must.
  • Kind, honest, punctual for meetings and deadlines.
  • Excellent and consistent communicator, self-motivated.
  • Positive and upbeat personality.
  • Adaptable to demands, eager to meet challenges.
  • Love for educational gaming is a must.

Software/tech proficiencies

  • Adobe creative suite: photoshop and Illustrator proficiencies a must!
  • Figma or other vector output software are fine as well.
  • Discord
  • Google drive

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