Backend Engineers

Development, Deployment and Scaling Microservice Clusters

  • Kubernetes and/or Function as Service Private Cloud Infrastructure (i.e., Open FaaS or similar).
  • NATS or Apache Kafka or MQTT based framework or AIRFLOW (AI) (Realtime API message orchestration/scheduling).
  • API Proxy and/or Realtime load balancing (REST API/JSON).
  • Linux OS Based Servers. e. Fundamental of Security and Authentication using Private Keys and Tokenization.

Basic Development, Deployment, and/or Integrate Functions or APIs using 1 or 2 m.

  • Python Language.
  • Typescript/JavaScript (Node JS) Language.
  • PHP/HTML Language.

Stand Alone AI Development or deployment and integration

  • NLP/ Text and Voice.
  • AI assistant.
  • Data Analytics (Reporting)

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